Comments of the Week: Kirk Cameron

There’s no doubting this week’s Comment of the Week. Burnsy provided you with the filet mignon of mockable stories, and it was immediately knocked out of the park. You may have heard that Kirk Cameron has yet another cheap and evangelical movie that your aunt will see, and that because no one affiliated with Kirk Cameron knows how to Internet Properly, Facebook marked that junk as spam. As you’ll see, Cameron dramatically posted a picture of tape with “facebook” written on it (nice work, Belinda) covering his mouth because CENSORSHIP and it is his God-given right to spread His word. Anyone else feel uncomfortable reading capitalized ‘His’? Regardless, the thread became the hottest place for you guys. 

TheLordsCloaca: I amb deaf and used the captions. Strange speaking words on his part leave me angry and confused to what means the story. I now worship Satan as burning anal pain is easier to understand jesus.

I won’t act like I’m not mostly picking this because of Cloaca, but the spambot tone and deaf part certainly didn’t hurt.

From the same thread, here is this week’s Comment of the Week:

robopanda: Is the tape to keep the cocks out?

Sweet lord, robopanda. With the first and the best comment, you at once kickstarted and shut down the thread. May you and your family enjoy the everlasting fame this comment deserves. As you may have diligently read in last week’s thread, your prize is a poorly photoshoped scene of your choosing. Description limited to 140 characters. Include it in the comments below or contact me on Twitter (I always find a plug). To the rest: remember to keep your wits about you, and nominate your favorite comments of the week in the comments section of this very thread. For next week, the winner will receive a 1988 Chevy C/K filled with scrap metal and Snapple bottles.