Comments of the Week: Who Won the Signed Copy of Jack Reacher?!

As previously mentioned in our interview with Jack Reacher stunt driver Joey Box, this week’s Comments of the Week winner is getting a signed Blu-ray copy of Jack Reacher. Pretty cool, huh? But who will win?? Read on and find out!

High drama on Florida Friday.Ashley Burns told us the tale of a man who ran from the cops only to get mauled by a gator, leading him to an idea for “Gator Cop.” An idea Chareth Cutestory ran with.

Chareth Cutestory

“Did you really have to maul the Governor’s family, Gator Cop? Internal Affairs is all over my ass!”

“What can I say, Chief? I guess I’m just an… instigator.”

Chareth HAS MORE:

“Good job bringing down that illegal fan boat racing ring, Gator Cop. Turns out you’re quite the… investigator.”

And from Vince’s piece on the Inside Lyewyn Davis trailer MickTravis4Life had a little something to say:

Carey Mulligan is just England’s bizarro Michelle Williams. It’s like if you are into buying the occasional Kit Kat. And then you take a trip to London and you’re all like “I could dig a Kit Kat.” You find a Kit Kat and you’re all “Wtf is this?” It says Kit Kat, but there’s a stripe on the package, and some talking yellow bean with a propellor flying around. That’s Carey Mulligan. An effed up Kit Kat.

Write comments from experience. That’s all we can do.

Teen Mom Farrah made a sex tape with butt sex and squirting, so there are a few comments about that too!


Kids, remember: if you *start* with the anal sex tapes, you’ll be famous without becoming a teen mom.

And then in my opinion the COMMENT OF THE WEEK comes from the same article!

Mustafa Dystrophy

Telling us she squirts is completely unnecessary. She’s a teen mom, you gotta know there will be a juice box involved.

WOW. Great work, Mustafa. Really. You win!

So keep nominating comments and junk.