Corona Demand Is Growing Faster (And More Furiously) Than Supply Can Keep Up With

In a movie that was full of incredible moments, perhaps the most incredible moment of Furious 7 was when Corona product placement was featured prominently in the Paul Walker tribute sequence. REST IN PEACE! ALSO, FIND YOUR BEACH!

They say correlation doesn’t equal casuality, but Corona is now the biggest imported beer in the U.S.

Corona is now the biggest imported beer in the country and the fifth biggest brew overall, and the Corona cascade has been so overwhelming, [parent company] Constellation Brands is concerned they might not be able to meet demand. [Yahoo]

I’d like to think there’s some connection. Every time I drink one I imagine Paul Walker is cheersing me from Heaven. Almost takes my mind off the skunky taste.

A giant expansion is therefore under way to double the size of the main brewery along the Texas-Mexico border at a cost of $1.5 billion, and to find a home for a second California brewery that by 2018 could be bottling more beer than the Texas brewery.

Corona ships nearly 10 percent more beer than it did even five years ago, making it now the top American import and the country’s fifth-best-selling beer overall. And it’s not just Corona — Constellation makes Negro Modelo and Pacifico as well, brands that have grown by 12 percent in the past year, far outpacing the 0.4 percent growth figure for the beer industry as a whole. For a little more context, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s shipments are down by 10 percent since 2008, and MillerCoors’ have cratered by 14 percent. [GrubStreet]

Okay, so Corona hasn’t grown as fast as Pacifico or Negro Modelo, but whatever, I live my life a quarter fact at a time. Also, neither of those beers were nearly as popular as Corona to begin with, so expansion was easier.

The facts are this: the Fast/Furious franchise is more popular than ever. Corona is more popular than ever. Fast/Furious prominently features Corona. Did Fast/Furious help fuel Corona’s rise? Watch this clip and judge for yourself.

I need to rewatch The Fast And The Furious. I totally forgot that Vin Diesel walked into a house party to find his bro in a tank top shredding a Zakk Wylde custom Les Paul while hot chicks stood around making out. Also, “you can’t detail a car with the cover on it.” Hardly a day goes by that I don’t say that to a lady.


The early 2000s were so radical. It’s like if you didn’t have at least a lifted truck or a snowboard sponsor you might as well have been invisible.