Crappy news about Bob Hoskins

69-year-old English actor Bob Hoskins, best known for iconic roles in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Hook, and Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties (okay, maybe not that last one), known for playing “Cockney rough diamonds,” according to the first line of his Wikipedia bio, recently told the BBC that he’s retiring from acting after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

In a statement on Wednesday, his agent said he was withdrawing from acting after a “wonderful career” and would be spending time with his family.

“He wishes to thank all the great and brilliant people he has worked with over the years, and all of his fans who have supported him during a wonderful career,” said the statement.

In 1986, his portrayal of George in Neil Jordan’s film Mona Lisa, about a high-class call girl, won him numerous awards including a Globe for best actor, a Bafta and an Academy Award nomination. Hoskins was again nominated for best supporting actor at the Globes for his role in Mrs Henderson Presents, a 2005 British comedy directed by Stephen Frears, starring Dame Judi Dench.

More recently, his role as a publican in Jimmy McGovern’s drama serial, The Street, earned him the title of best actor at the 2010 International Emmys.

Aw, shine on, you rough, Cockney diamond, you. It’s sh*tty, but I don’t get it, why does he have to retire? Why not just have them write Parkinson’s into the script? “Once there was this old guy. Oh, and also, he has Parkinson’s.” It’s one line. And clearly it wouldn’t be unrealistic. Anyway, I hope he comes out of retirement for one or two more roles. I’d hate for his last job to be Snow White and the Huntsman (pictured below).

At times like these, I think it’s important to remember that Harrison Ford is a year older than Bob Hoskins and wears an earring.

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