Crowdsourcing our next supercut: Your favorite movie dirty talk

Greetings, Drunkards. Our video editor, Oliver Noble and I had an idea recently (by which I mean he came up with an idea for which I was willing to share credit). Every time we post a mashup or supercut, people seem to have great ideas about what scenes should’ve been included in it. Whenever he forgets something I try to make sure he knows it, but as the parents and nurses among you have no doubt discovered, you can only beat a person so much before they just plum stop learning.  So we figured, why not open it up for suggestions before the fact? So here’s our first attempt at this, which we’ll probably give a catchy name, like “Oliver Says Cut Yourself,” or some such.  Personal letter from Oliver to follow:

What’s Your Favorite Dirty Talk From A Movie Sex Scene?

Hello FilmDrunk peanut gallery Valued commenters,

i’m taking a few moments from my work in the luxurious editing suite the UPROXX team has been gracious enough to give me in an attempt to enList your assistance, kind readers, and I definitely would not be trying to coMmunicate a secret message to you. I am currently working on two Brand new supercuts

  1. Best Pickup Lines In Cinema
  2. Best dirty talk in movie sex scenes (pre or post coitus also works for me)

Seeing as how you armchair critics knowledgeable cinefiles always want to make like Ebert and run your fuc*ing mouths insigHtfully point out the various shorTcomings in my supercuts in the comments, I thought that if I included you in the process froM the beginning, it might shut you up increase the quality of my work.

As further incentive, FilmDrunk mastermind, Vince, Has personally volunteered to lick maple syrup off the taint of whoever comes up with a suggestion I use*

Suck my balls Warmly,

Oliver Noble

FilmDrunk Editor (*cough*) callthepolice! (*cough, cough*)

*Must provide own syrup. Airfare to San Francisco not included

So what do you say, gang? Do I have to beat his ass again?