Crowdsourcing Supercuts: What’s Your Favorite Prison Rape Threat?

Our buddy Oliver Noble is back, and he needs your help on his next supercut. Here, I’ll let him explain. -Vince

Authorities threatening suspects with prison-rape is as American as apple pie, baseball or having the world’s highest incarceration rate. And nowhere is this pastime more thoroughly celebrated than in our cinema.  Good cops, bad cops, dirty cops, by-the-books detectives and angry police chiefs all seem to agree on at least one thing: “A pretty boy like you won’t like having your ass traded for cigarettes in Angola, so you better start talking now.”

Sometimes the threats are direct and sometimes they are cloaked in euphemisms but if there is an interrogation scene in a movie you can be pretty sure you’ll come across at least one.

Having already covered horror movie car problems, animals covering their eyes, and big screen penis I guess this just seemed like the next logical supercut for me to put together. Now I am calling on you, Filmdrunkards, to dig into the recesses on your dark, drug-addled minds and help me in remembering the best prison rape threats you’ve seen on film.

Thanks, and until next time, stay strong and don’t drop the soap.