Daily Duh: Of Course Disney is Making Avengers 2

Senior Editor
05.08.12 9 Comments

In a move that will come as a surprise to only the most dullardly of beef-headed lumpskulls, Disney CEO Bob Iger today announced plans to develop a sequel to The Avengers. I could’ve sworn they’d already discussed plans for Avengers 2, but it could’ve just been the multiple, blatant sequel-setting, post-credits scenes, or the fact that Marvel had been teasing an Avengers movie since Iron Man 1, or maybe just ’cause I drink.

An Avengers sequel? Are you kidding? The first one made $207 million this weekend, we’ll be lucky to get less than seven of them. X-Men made $54 million in its opening weekend, and they’ve already made five of those. They’ll be making Avengers sequels for the next decade, even if they have to get Brett Ratner’s cousin to direct one.

Still, I enjoyed The Avengers quite a bit, so I’m cautiously optimistic for part two. And I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Thorgi cameo. It’s never too early to start the letter-writing campaign.


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