Darren Aronofsky directed some meth PSAs

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11.09.11 19 Comments

Other than that awesome ass-to-ass scene, I always thought of Requiem for a Dream as sort of a gimmicky, extended, anti-drug PSA. Requiem director Darren Aronofsky went on to redeem himself tenfold with The Wrestler and Black Swan, but recently he directed some actual anti-drug PSAs for the Meth Project, which you can watch below. Sadly, there’s nary an ass-to-ass scene to be found. They’re big on disturbing imagery and sad kids looking directly into the camera, but I’ve watched them all three or four times each, and I’m still trying to figure out what the hell the voiceovers mean. See if you can help.

“If I had asked, if I try meth will I become an addict? But can you really lose it on meth? Or if I had asked, will meth become the only thing I care about… I wouldn’t be asking.”

“If I had asked, will I lose control on meth? Will meth really make you violent? Or, if I had asked, will meth make me steal from my own family? I wouldn’t be asking my brother.”

…Huh? Did anyone follow that? “If I had asked … I wouldn’t be asking.”

Maybe I’m just dumb, but I think if I was trying to reach that susceptible-to-meth-addiction-but-capable-of-being-swayed-by-a-commercial crowd, I’d probably make my voiceover a little simpler to understand than three rhetorical questions with a dangling modifier. Maybe next time, just go with “meth made me scabby.”

See also: David Lynch’s anti-littering PSA.

[mediabistro via Towelroad]

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