David Spade’s ‘Joe Dirt’ Sequel Is Happening

Back in April, David Spade got his hardcore fans at the Happy Madison cool kids table all worked up when he said that not only had he finished writing a sequel to his 2001 comedy Joe Dirt, but he was working on an exclusive deal with the online streaming service Crackle. Obviously, the deal made perfect sense, he explained in his Reddit AMA, because Columbia Pictures, owned by Sony Pictures, produced Joe Dirt and Crackle is owned by Sony. If that’s not synergy, then why do I have this Jack Donaghy-sized erection right now? Anyway, good news for anyone who has been suffering for the last 13 years, wondering whether or not Spade would answer the zero questions he left us with at the end of Joe Dirt – the sequel is a go.

Like the original film, the sequel was co-written by Spade and Fred Wolf, and the latter will also take over directing duties for Dennie Gordon. Needless to say, Spade and Crackle are overflowing with quotes from a PR statement.

“I’m beyond stoked that Joe Dirt will finally hit the screens again on Crackle. I’ve been sleeping in this wig for years and it will be nice to wear it in the daytime again.”

“David Spade had a fresh and unique vision for Joe Dirt 2 that he could have brought anywhere and we couldn’t be happier that he brought it to Crackle for a first-of-its-kind, worldwide release,” said Eric Berger, Crackle GM and Sony EVP Digital Networks. “The original film has been a longtime viewer favorite, ranking among the most viewed in our library, and we decided to produce and distribute the sequel as a feature for fans everywhere.” (Via Deadline)

Ten bucks says that “fresh and unique” means that Joe Dirt learns he has a brother or sister (probably a twin) that he never knew about, so he sets out to find that person (presumably played by Andy Dick or Rob Schneider) and in the process trades in his Eddie Money jams for all new 90s hits. I could be way off, but that prediction feels like it could be 100 percent accurate. Whatever, just make sure this shirt returns with him…