Demi Moore’s New Boyfriend Had A Pearl Surgically Implanted In His Penis

A lot of people had been worried about Demi Moore ever since she and Ashton Kutcher got a divorce and he moved on to someone nearly half her age, but it looks like the 50-year old actress has rebounded nicely and found herself a real jewel of a man. *snickers*

Moore is reportedly dating younger once again, as she’s been seeing one of her yoga teacher certification classmates, 30-year old Will Hanigan, who is a third-generation pearl diver in Australia. I guess you could say that he’s a real priceless catch. *snorts*

But that’s not the most interesting thing about Hanigan. Not according to the New York Daily News, which points out that he has quite the unique manhood. You could almost say he’s bone-of-a-kind. *high fives loneliness*

“He had a pearl inserted in his penis when he was in his late teens,” said a source. “It is pearl farming tradition and he would always joke about it in Australia. He’d boast it’d give girls extra stimulation in the bedroom.”

I used up all of my penis jokes leading up to that quote, but you get the point. As for the whole health-related aspect of having a pearl surgically inserted into genitalia, the NY Daily News went right to an expert.

Dr. David Kaufman, of Central Park Urology, who assures Confidenti@l he’s “seen a few penises” in his day, weighed in on Hanigan’s hidden pearl. Kaufman said he’d advise him to take it out, but agreed that it could improve things between the sheets.

Dr. Kaufman explains that if Hanigan’s leaving it in, it could erode through to the surface rather than into the tissue. But in the meantime, it may improve his sex life.

“I think it would make sex better. It’s like a French tickler,” he said. “I can see that being a sexual thing to enhance his partner’s sexual response.”

Especially when Moore tells Hanigan to return the pearl to the oyster. I bet that’s a real special moment.

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