Robert Deniro Is Anne Hathaway’s Intern In ‘The Intern’ Trailer, Which Gives Away The Entire Movie

As a non-Baby Boomer, I would assume these “Hey look, old people can do stuff too!” movies would be patronizing and offensive to my parents’ generation, but it always seems to be other Boomers behind them. Like Nancy Meyers, who, coming off the Meryl Streep love triangle joint It’s Complicated is now directing The Intern (not to be confused with The Internship), starring Robert Deniro as Anne Hathaway’s 70-year-old intern. Ouch, my sides! Ouch, my prostate!

Don’t worry, there’s lots of scenes of him being comically inept at computers, followed by him showing the whippersnappers what it means to be a real man, and giving Anne Hathaway support from whence she least expects it, just when she needs it the most. Oh, and did I mention there’s a cute little girl they cut to for sassy reaction shots from time to time? Honest question: do you think there’s a single dramatic beat in the movie that they didn’t cover in this trailer? Unless there’s a velociraptor subplot, I’m pretty sure we just saw the whole movie. But then, I imagine the target audience for The Intern isn’t looking to be surprised.