DeNiro takes a break from horrible films for Being Flynn

It’s always nice to see Robert DeNiro when he’s not starring alongside Katherine Heigl or getting stabbed in the penis (for laughs!), and by that measure, Being Flynn is already a success. Based on a memoir by Nick Flynn (which I didn’t read, but saw Flynn read an excerpt of once and it was excellent), it stars Paul Dano as Flynn, a 20-something dude who crosses paths with his estranged father while working at a homeless shelter. It’s a shame they couldn’t use the original title of the memoir, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, because that’s about as good a title as you’re going to get without bringing in jetpacks or velociraptors.

The slow-motion montages and soaring acoustic guitar lead me to believe that this will be life-affirming.

Caveat 1: Paul Weitz, who directed this, also directed Little Fockers. I’m hoping there were mitigating factors involved, like the studio kidnapping his family to force him into it.

Caveat 2: He also directed About a Boy, a sub-par adaptation of a pretty good book.

In any case, I think we can all agree that Olivia Thirlby is mega super duper pretty. Even with that haircut.

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