Rich Ross-led Disney kills Bruckheimer's Lone Ranger movie. Rich Ross is my hero.

Disney, under the same leadership that killed such projects as The Proposal 2, Wedding Banned starring Robin Williams, Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride, and Robert Zemeckis’ planned mo-cap Beatles movie, has thrown another turd down the sh*t tunnel to hell, presumably thanks to chairman Rich Ross and his big swinging pimp cane. The Lone Ranger movie, which was set to star Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto, with the Anti-Christ Jerry Bruckheimer producing, will no longer be moving forward at Disney. YAY!

To the block quote! (*jumps on Jewish lawyer’s back*) HI HO, SILVERMAN, AWAY!

In a stunning development, Disney has shut down production on The Lone Ranger, the Gore Verbinski-directed period Western that was to star Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the title character. Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer and the script is by Justin Haythe. I’m told this all just happened, and Disney pulled the plug because of the budget. I’ve heard the filmmakers were trying to reduce the film’s cost from $250 million (some even say $275 million) down to $232 million. But it wasn’t the $200 million that Disney wanted to spend. And between Depp, Bruckheimer, and Verbinski, the gross outlay on the film is substantial. [Deadline]

I know a lot of you probably love Johnny Depp no matter the cost, and are sad about this because Depp and Verbinski worked together on Rango, but the last time Bruckheimer produced a movie for Depp and Verbinski, it was Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Bruckheimer hasn’t produced a decent movie since the 90s, and even that requires getting creative with the definition of “decent.” Well, except for Kangaroo Jack, obviously. Kangaroo Jack was the bomb.