Doctor Who Brings Us An Extended Fright Night Clip

Over the weekend, the cast and crew of Fright Night, the remake of the classic 1985 horror film of the same name, hosted a panel at Comic Con, which I’m starting to think is a pretty important event. I wish they advertised it better. Either way, fans were treated to an exclusive extended clip, and to multiply the geek factor immensely, David Tennant set the clip up. Tennant plays supposed vampire expert and TV host Peter Vincent in the new film, but he’s better known as The Doctor from BBC’s Doctor Who series.

In the clip, Vincent is confronted by Punky Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) for the first time, as he needs help in stopping his vampire neighbor, played by Colin Farrell. At least he thinks he’s a vampire. He could just be a lawyer. Ahhh, that’s some good legal humor right there.

Clip after the jump, and there’s plenty of David Tennant in tight leather pants for all you female Doctor Who fans. All two of you.

(Via Yahoo!)