Doug Ellin Says 'Entourage' Is A Go, Despite None Of The Actors Being Signed

I have this theory that when all is said and done, and the Entourage movie is finally released and earns $200+ million at the box office, sparking rumors of a sequel and another season of the BROloved HBO comedy, the show’s creator Doug Ellin is going to admit that all of this unnecessary and stupid drama over equal pay for each actor, more than two years after the final episode aired, was all just a ploy to get people talking about his show again. Because it has worked, as people are either encouraging the actors to get their sh*t together and sign or we’re laughing at them for thinking everyone cares.

Regardless, Ellin Tweeted yesterday that the movie is officially happening, and all we can do now is sit back and wait for the free marketing fedoras.

Interestingly enough, the Hollywood Reporter claims that despite this Tweet, none of the actors have actually signed on for the film yet, as they were all still recently demanding that guys like Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connolly make as much money as Jeremy Piven. But Piven, the ageless bro himself, might have actually provided the most important Tweet yet.

And Jerry Ferrara, who claimed that he would do this movie for free and should be held to that, also Tweeted that Entourage is happening.

That actually sparked what I am now calling the Saddest Tweet of 2013, brought to us by Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant.

The No. 2 overall draft pick, star of Thunderstruck and multi-millionaire NBA star thinks the best day of his life might be the day the Entourage movie was prematurely confirmed. Congrats, Kev.