Dr. Dre is still jacked: Outtake from ‘Art of Rap’

I never listened to a lot of rap, because the coarse native rhythms and incorrigible rambunctiousness frightened the help and made my wife clutch her pearls, so to this day I remain ignorant to much of the history. Luckily for me, that fine light-skinned gentleman from the policeman shows directed a documentary about it called Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, which is out now on DVD. To promote the release of the soundtrack this week, they released this outtake of Ice-T (who co-directed with Andy Baybutt – hee hee!) talking to Dr. Dre about how he achieved such a “clean sound” as a producer. Dre talks about first being an engineer before he was a producer and how he’d remix the same records over and over. My first thought upon seeing this was, “Damn, Dre still looks like he’s been juicing it,” (he’s “yolked” as a Ninja Turtles screenwriter might say) and then my second thought was “hey, this is kind of interesting.”

Cool story, huh. Anyway, Dre is still muscular, in case you were wondering. Which is weird, because sometimes I do talk about guns like he ain’t got none.