Ed Helms Plays Grown-Up Rusty Griswold In The Red-Band ‘Vacation’ Trailer

The new red-band trailer for the Vacation sequel, Vacation (not a reboot or a remake, just a sequel with the same name as the original, apparently…) opens with a full 27 seconds of footage from previous movies, which is rarely a good sign. In any case, it stars Ed Helms as a grown up Rusty Griswold (sidenote: did “Rusty Griswold” sound so much like a sex act in 1983?) who, along with his wife played by Christina Applegate, is taking his family back to Walley World.

The new Vacation is directed by John Francis Daley (the kid with the huge mouth from Freaks and Geeks) and Jonathan Goldstein (his friend) from a script by same, their first feature directing gig after co-writing Horrible Bosses. They’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve for this one, including white people having comedic hijinks set to a classic rap song and characters swimming in sewage. It opens July 29th, and I’m sure it will recapture the magic of the original, because that always works.

There isn’t much Chevy Chase in it, but I’m still holding out hope that the film will cut back to him sitting on his couch every few minutes while everyone else is at Walley World. “Hi, guys! I’m still here! Just hangin’ out, being a nightmare to work with. You know, the youuuuge. Okay, have fun!”