Emma Stone solves race relations in the South like Sandra Bullock

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06.10.11 31 Comments

Dreamworks has just released an international trailer for The Help, starring Emma Stone as a society-gal/newspaper columnist in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi.  Returning from college, Stone is shocked to find the deplorable state of race relations, including a childhood friend who wants to pass a law requiring all white households to have a separate bathroom for “the help,” so the blacks don’t sh*t up their nice, white toilets.  Emma Stone, knowing The Help to be a group of noble-yet-disorganized savages, is horrified. Being the sweet, compassionate white lady she is, she infiltrates their tribe, quickly learning their languages and customs, and eventually becoming their new king. Toruk Makto, they call her, and she leads them on a long-overdue rebellion against the white establishment that has oppressed them and ravaged their homeland for too long.  Can she succeed?  Or will the white establishment crush them? Or maybe, even with their primitive weaponry, The Help will soon discover that all along, all they needed was a little discipline and someone to lead them.  It’s a story as old as time.

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