Watch This Now: Eric Roberts swaps bodies with a dog in “Halloween Puppy”

A couple years back, Mickey Rourke gave one of the best acceptance speeches of all time, at one point saying “Eric Roberts is probably the best actor I ever worked with and I don’t know why in the last 15 years ain’t nobody give him a chance to show his sh*t again.”

Well, Eric Roberts has a chance, albeit a slim one, to show his sh*t again in Halloween Puppy, which is here, just in time for Halloween. It stars Eric Roberts as your basic, mild-mannered, every day dad, until ONE day (*RECORD SCRATCH*) his teenage stepson finds a medieval spell book and turns Eric Roberts into a dog. Ugh, kids today. To make matters worse, the only person who can help him is a psychic medium played by Cindy Brady.

You call that a psychic? Her shirt’s barely bedazzled! The trailer is below. Do you think you can handle the wackiness, do you??

Roberts of course follows in the footsteps of Gary Busey, who swapped bodies with a dog – or more accurately, died and was reincarnated as a dog – in Quigley. A movie during which Busey got very angry about the set design of Heaven, which Busey, having visited Heaven after flatlining following his motorcycle accident, considered himself an expert on. “That’s not what chairs look like in Heaven, Butthorn!”

That said, I’m sure Eric Roberts will bring his own distinct flavor to the dog-body-swap concept. Especially under the competent direction of David DeCoteau, who’s known mainly for directing films about shirtless twinks in peril (be it from werewolves, bigfoot, or giant killer bees). That’s right, Eric Roberts, Cindy Brady, Twinks, a talking dog – this is like the hottest nightclub Stefon never told you about.

[Halloween Puppy on Amazon -Thanks to Mario for the tip]