Fake Movies In Real Movies, The Supercut

This new supercut from ScreenJunkies collects all your favorite fake movies within real movies and smashes ’em right together, supercut-style (I’m so good at descriptions). I honestly never knew whether that “keep the change, ya filthy animal” scene from Home Alone was from an actual movie or a fictional one. I always liked the fake movies from Tropic Thunder and Naked Gun 33 1/3 the best, though of course South Park‘s series of “Rob Schneider is a carrot” trailers were also amazing, and as long as we’re including TV shows, every reference to any Tracy Jordan film. I’m sad this supercut left out Tropic Thunder‘s best fake movie, The Fatties Fart 2.

But really, the only reason I’m posting this is to point out how seamlessly a clip from The Theory of Everything would’ve fit into it.