Now THAT’S How You Poster

I know I just dropped the latest This Week in Posters yesterday, but I’d be remiss if I made you wait a whole week to share this awesome new poster for A Field In England, by designer Jay Shaw. That’s the cross section of a mushroom on the bottom half.

The curve of the rainbow in the “Holy Mountain” imagery returns in one of the posters Shaw designed for “A Field.” Now it’s an inverted arc built of cross-sections of mushrooms, a reference to the hallucinogenic fungi chomped by the main characters in the film.

Shaw sees a through-line connecting his work to Wheatley’s. “The film is gorgeously shot in black and white but the story is so colorful it just made sense to allow the posters to match,” he explained. As a result, a Polish look [a reference to the famous Polish posters that inspired him] will guide a highly British production into America. [HuffingtonPost]

That’s one of the benefits of a psychedelic mind-trip movie with no big stars in it – you can just let the poster designer go nuts and do what they do best, without trying to squeeze in floating heads of the actors, or worry about whose name has to go first. The downside is you get stoners telling you how “trippy” it is.

A Field in England opens in select theaters February 7th. And yes, that poster is available for sale.

[via Drafthouse, HuffingtonPost]