Frotcast 127: Extended Thanksgiving Special with Matt Ufford

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This week on the Frotcast, we brought on Matt Ufford for a special, extended Thanksgiving drive-time episode. We actually hadn’t planned on it being extended when we started, but we were having such a good time keeping it rolling that we just kept on recording. Topics include:

  • Steve-O’s karaoke show, and how it makes us think the world turning into Idiocracy might not be so bad after all


  • Speaking of trolls, we have more clips of Bernie Goldberg’s epic trolling interview questions from HBO Real Sports
  • The nature of book-to-movie adaptations, as it relates to World War Z, The Watchmen, Life of Pi
  • The statutory Elmo drama
  • Stories of the worst jobs we’ve ever had, and trying to decide whether to swallow all your dreams or live in poverty forever
  • Our favorite Coen brothers movies and trying to explain the enduring popularity of The Big Lebowski

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