The FilmDrunk Frotcast Best Of 2016 Episode

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Well, well, well, another year of Frotcasting has come to a close, and what a year it was. After all, this was the year that Splitsider called us “regularly the grossest, least politically correct bunch of dudes on the internet that you’d still feel totally comfortable hanging out with,” and also “consistently one of the most feminist groups of disgusting dudes on the internet.”

Hey, we’ll take it. For the second year in a row, we were also named one of Podbean’s Top 10 Comedy podcasts of the year. Our show’s ostensibly about movies, but as the best-of compilation will prove, the best parts tend towards the undefinable. Hopefully, it’s funny.

And listen up! The listener/commenter known as Token, who edits these, and does a wonderful job of it, says this might be his last one. Which means that it might be the last one of these. If you want to throw him a few bucks to convince him to stick around, or to just say thanks for putting together almost three hours of pure #CONTENT, he has a donation link at

As he wrote:

Well, here it is. This thing is almost three hours long and is easily missing 20 more minutes worth of stuff that I wanted to add.

Let Matt Lieb know that of everything I listened to this year, the singular most entertaining one to me was a royalty free song I’ve lovingly titled “Rock Dat Dick”. It’s located at 2 hours and 21 minutes of the podcast, was the last thing I put in the edit before going to sleep yesterday, and was responsible for me giggling myself awake.

The #Content

3:21 “Real F*ckin’ Nice” – Justin Halpern’s tale of infidelity and Papa Roach (ep 285)
8:43 El Chapo (276)
16:05 Rad Tad The Dog-faced Bartender (283)
20:55 Royalty Freestyle Intro
23:29 Crystal Corner (293)
34:36 Matt Lieb leaves a Trail (289)
42:50 Did I F*ck a Furniture? (290)
47:51 For many years there were no good spoofs… (302)
52:45 Jefferson from Marin/Matt Lieb’s Dad (280)
1:04:46 Circumcision and Pussy Worms (283)
1:15:30 Joe Sinclitico in Westworld (311)
1:17:32 Robo F*cked (287)
1:32:50 Activated Cashews (306)
1:40:15 Donald Trump (282/286)
2:02:48 Take her to the Peach Tree Dance (296)
2:07:15 Bread Pie (276)
2:15:15 More Cystal Corner (299)
2:21:47 Matt’s Anti-Semitic Date (309)
2:43:12 Outro

The Guests:

Justin Halpern
Drew Magary
Jane Harrison
Joey Avery
Jeff Bayer
Allison Mick
Kaseem Bentley
Joe Sinclitico
Francesca Fiorentini
Laremy Legel

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