Happy Thanksgiving!

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11.22.12 6 Comments

Well, everyone, it’s Thanksgiving, and we celebrate, as is traditional, with lazily-posted themed supercuts and kitsch music videos while I tend to my ravioli sauce (a Thanksgiving without raviolis is no Thanksgiving at all). Just a quick note to say that I’m thankful for all of you glorious bastards who keep reading this site every day and save me from having to work in some crappy office somewhere (they may not know it, but that office is thankful too). You are the salt of the Earth, and I will fight anyone who talks bad about you, even small children. So good health to you and yours.

If you plan to see a movie with the fam as a way to keep from shouting at each other for a few hours (we all know the feeling), here’s a guide to our most recent reviews:

Life of Pi, B

Red Dawn (Laremy’s review), F

Silver Linings Playbook, B

Lincoln, B-

Flight, D+

Cloud Atlas, C+

The Sessions, B+

Alex Cross (Laremy), F

Seven Psychopaths, C

Argo, B+

Noticing a theme to the movies I make Laremy review? Oh, and if you plan on not leaving your couch (always an attractive option), here’s Morton’s most recent guide to DVD and streaming.

IF YOU DO PLAN ON LEAVING YOUR COUCH: Our friend Jason Dove is moderating a JFK 49th anniversary discussion (did you know that was today?) tonight at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, where they’ll be screening a director’s cut of JFK and talking to guests like Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend at the time of the assassination, and E. Howard Hunt’s eldest son. It should be wild.

Now, sing it with me: Mashed potatoes… AY! Drumstick microphones to all on this day.

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