Florida Friday: Pastor Praises Christmas for Being Easier to Spell Than That Jew Thing with the Candles

Today I’m happy to report some light, trifling news about Floridian backwardness that for once doesn’t involve someone getting eaten by a snake, choking to death on shark pups or death of any kind. You never know with these Florida stories. Anyway, today’s story is that a pastor in North Palm Beach is in the news for his choice of church marquee message, which read “Christmas: Easier to spell than Hanukkah.”

Aw yeah, how’s it feel to get BURNT, Jews? …Ooh, poor choice of words.

A North Palm Beach pastor didn’t think anything was wrong with the message; however, others didn’t agree.

“It was not really offensive, just poor taste,” said Rabbi Alon Levkovitz with Temple Beth Am.

For 15 years, Pastor Michael Butzberger at Lighthouse Baptist Church has put a different slogan on his front sign every week. “Something encouraging, inspiring, informative and, occasionally, for the purpose of making them smile.”

Humor lost on those who called the church demanding the sign be taken down. “I heard someone say, ‘Christmas is easier to spell than Hanukkah’. It made me smile,” said Butzberger.

“I think it’s the wrong message to send to their members, but, as a Jew, I am not offended,” said Levkovitz.

Time out, this guy’s name is “Pastor Butts Burger?” Now that’s something that makes me smile. Impressive that he still believes in God after getting saddled with that handle.

Levkovitz says it is merely the comparison of faiths that is offensive. “If the church tries to celebrate one of the most important holidays by putting down another faith, it’s definitely not the spirit of Hanukkah or Christmas.”

“We live in such a politically correct climate, people are literally searching for excuses to be offended and outraged,” said Pastor Butzberger. [via WFLX]

He just said he wasn’t offended! Twice! In any case, the story had a more or less happy ending, as the two, despite their respectful difference of opinion, agreed to disagree and Pastor Butt Burgers eventually took down the sign and they hugged it out. It just goes to show, the question isn’t whether “Christmas” or “Hanukkah” is easier to spell. I would argue the much more interesting question is, which one is a greater fire hazard?