Friday Free for All: Australian News Anchor Hates Miley Cyrus's Voice Too

My mind is blown anew pretty much any time Miley Cyrus opens her mouth. “This chick is famous for singing?” I ask myself every time I hear that grating voice of hers. She sounds like a horse kicked her in the face and she swallowed her nose. UNPLUG YOUR DAMNED NOSE! Anyway, it seems I’m not alone in my bafflement, as Karl Stefanovic of Australia’s Nine News morning program does a pretty good Miley Cyrus impression of his own. And let’s face it, everything’s funnier with an Australian accent. (“Beautiful and talented,” really?).

In my Karl Stefanovic research, I discovered that he’s won a “Gold Logie,” “considered by some the most prestigious award in the Australian television industry.” My God, that is the most Australian-sounding thing I’ve ever heard.

“Yeh, mate, the Gold Logie. It comimorahtes the tahme Big Bill Rogahs wiz voted loudest cattle drovah, and awl the blokes from Maroolabah hocked gobbahs on ‘is jumpah. Big Bill’s woidely considahed oztraalia’s fihst news anchah, on account of how ‘e’d take the piss outta everyone. We’ve been givin’ the gold logie evah since that day, back in noint-een eighty two.”

UPDATE: How did I not realize this was the same guy who told the Dalai Lama pizza joke? This guy rules.