Friday Free For All: "Miss Lady Pink"

Sadly, I haven’t had time for normal Friday Free For All posts these past few weeks, but I couldn’t forget about it today, because ever since I posted that V-Nasty clip the other day, I’ve been bombarded with emails linking me to countless other how-can-this-be-real raps. “Rap”, that’s what the kids call it, right? Its rambunctious jungle rhythm frightens me. In any case, the best of the bunch was this video from the self-proclaimed “number one female Chicano rapper,” “Miss Lady Pink,” whom I assume is married to “Mr. Gentleman Dong.” Thanks to Fernando for sending this one in.

The song’s called “Gangsta Freak,” and it begins with the lines “Get over here, G, and let me grab your c*ck, is it hard enough for me to just jump on top? I love me gangsta d*ck, all night long, I got the bomb-ass p*ssy and my (??) is strong,” all delivered while she smokes cigarette in a hot tub artfully covering her belly. I wonder where she went to finishing school.

I’ve always wanted a lady confident enough in her genitals to refer to them as “bomb-ass p*ssy.” Although, is she saying “bomb-ass p*ssy” or “bomb ass-p*ssy?” It’s a subtle-yet-important distinction. Discuss.