Friday Free-For-All: Here's A Mash-Up Of The Many Ways Kim Coates Has Died

Kim Coates has been in a ton of hilariously bad movies and TV shows over the years, but we love him for it, because he was Chet in The Last Boy Scout and eventually Tig Trager in Sons of Anarchy. Because it’s Friday and I’m trying to watch as much basketball as I can without paying attention to things like showering or interacting with humans outside of my home, here’s a fantastic supercut of all of the wonderful and hilarious ways that Coates’s characters have died in movies over the years. Obviously, nothing will top Joe Hallenbeck punching his nose through his skull in The Last Boy Scout, but some of these are amazing. Also of note is the fact that Kevin Costner has killed Coates twice. See? You learned something today.

(H/T to Moviefone)