Friday Videos: Every Line of Lost Boys is ‘Michael’

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01.14.11 21 Comments

Every Line of Dialogue in The Lost Boys is “Michael” from Dan Nixon on Vimeo.

I was going to call this post a Friday Free For All, my usual slot for awesome, non-movie-related video, but then I realized that both of today’s are movie related.  Do I get extra credit?  First, there’s the montage you see above, a surprisingly entertaining recut of Lost Boys in which every line is “Micheal.”  Holy hell do they say “Michael” a lot in that movie.  In fact, I bet they say “Michael” even more in Lost Boys than they do in Michael.  And that’s a shame, really.  But just when you’re all like, “Wait, are they seriously going to make a Lost Boys video with no reference to Greasy Sax Dude?”  BOOM!  There’s Greasy Sax Dude, honkin’ and a-thrustin’, all over your face!

After the jump, find out how the Jews make their matzoh.  (Spoiler alert: from the blood of Christian children! Duh!)

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