Frotcast 108: Tacos, Time Shares, and Tosh with Laremy

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Howdy, folks! Didja miss me?? (don’t answer that). After a week in Mexico, I flew home just in time to keep my job, and came straight from the airport to the Frotquarters to record a new ‘cast with Bret, Ben, and Laremy. I talked about all my adventures in Mexico, including a zipline tour with horse-hating Canadians, what it’s like to sit through a time-share presentation, and meeting a kid who got dropped off in a gang warzone with no friends, family, or money after he got deported. We also discussed the now-unavoidable Tosh/rape-joke-gate, which seems a little overblown to me, considering it all apparently stemmed from a joke transcribed from a second-hand account of a live show and probably butchered beyond all recognition. But hey, as Aaron Sorkin knows, it’s always easier to fight straw men.

READER ASSIGNMENT (same as last week, we could use a few more stories): We’re asking for your weirdest, funniest, saddest, and most embarrassing dating site emails. Whether it was something you sent or received, either way is fine. Just email them to

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