Frotcast 114: Hard Knocks, The Laremy Ambush, and Juggalo clips

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Fun Frotcast this week. We brought Laremy back on, and I made him make some lists for us. We started with the traditional “Laremy’s clips from local news ambush.” We talked about Hard Knocks on HBO, and Brendan described his own training camp experience, including hosting the Ravens’ rookie show. That led us to Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, the uncoolest of uncool dads.  We brought Laremy on for a couple lists and poop stories, we talked Point Break vs. Road House and Top Gun vs. Days of Thunder, and we listen to some clips from our correspondent at Gathering of the Juggalos. We debate whether it’s “Blaze Ya Dead Homey,” “Blaze, Ya Dead Homey,” or “Blaze Ya Dead, Homey.” What’s my punctuation, ninjas? A few stories, a few clips, a fun time is had by all. Check after the jump for detailed notes from Adam.

We’re coming to Chicago November 3rd for a screening and live Frotcast! Pick your screening subject: Commando, Predator, Over the Top, or The Running Man.


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We are coming to Chicago! 11/3 weekend at University of Chicago.

This week Ben returns from Bermuda, we bring Laremy Legel on and he brings some lists. We play a clip from the Gathering of the Juggalos, talk about Hard Knocks and Brendan’s NFL stories, listen to kids cry after a movie, and of course other Frotcast jackassery.

  • 00:01:20 – More information about the live Frotcasts in Chicago is revealed. The guys will be at the University of Chicago the weekend of November 3rd, with either Saturday/Sunday or Saturday/Monday shows. 80’s action films will be the theme, and you can choose from Commando, Predator, Over the Top, or The Running Man. The discussion on whether Stallone’s films are dumber than Arnold’s is brought up.
  • 00:07:23 – The guys have been really enjoying Hard Knocks on HBO, but they think the Dolphin’s head coach is the “uncool dad” type. Brendan shares some of his stories at training camp as a rookie for the Baltimore Ravens. They get into the topic of hazing, and talk about some of their favorite rookie haircuts.
  • 00:24:10 – Laremy gets blooped in to a surprise. He has created 2 lists specifically for the Frotcast: People who like to f*ck, and jobs he can currently get. The first lists includes various types of ninjas, a couple of actors, and people with disabilites. Kirk Cameron gets mentioned, and Laremy recently saw Celeste & Jesse Forever with Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg.
  • 00:39:26 – Reader question time. The guys are asked to solve an epic debate amongst friends: Road House vs Point Break, and Top Gun vs Days of Thunder. Vince plays the clip of the two blubbering kids who just saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Laremy shares an anecdote.
  • 00:56:17 – We get the first clip of footage from the Gathering of Juggalos featuring a guy getting hit with a stick for money. Another clip gets played from local news interview with a woman detailing her escape from an apartment fire, which eventually got the auto-tune treatment.
  • 01:05:06 – Laremy reads his jobs list, and he even included slogans for some of them. The party nap planner just might be the best. The guys bemoan loud motorcycles, and talk about getting defriended on Facebook.
  • 01:17:22 – Vince plays the millionth Call Me Maybe parody featuring the Chicago Young Republicans. As usual, there is some Newsroom talk, and Vince adds another show to his hate-watching list. Fake Bret makes an appearance talking about his favorite Latin species of squirrel, and Pre-Squirrel Fest.
  • 01:28:22 – Ben gives a recap on his trip to Bermuda, and gives his thoughts about his drunken bloop-in last week. The guys are bewildered with the device used at customs in Mexico airports.

Drunk On!


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