Frotcast 117 & Chicago Live Frot Kickstarter Vid

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Well, well, well, it’s time for everyone’s favorite post of the week, the Frotcast (right? right? …guys?). This week on the Frotcast, we brought back comedian/former Frotcast guest Alison Stevenson (@JustAboutGlad). Alison joins us live in the Frotquarters to add an eyedropper of estrogen to our testosterone stew. We open the show talking about the Dredd 3D press screening I very nearly got banned from, and then I tell the story of the wino at Subway who fed my dog a dollar bill. From there we get into the 10 things overheard at Techcrunch, and all of the nonsensical corporate tech-speak that entails (disrupting the disruptors, anyone?).

Our movie topic of the week is things you always see in movies but never in real life – like taking out bad guys by swiftly, easily breaking their neck with your hand, or workaholics getting their Blackberries smashed by Aaron Sorkin or stolen by Sandra Bullock’s eagle. “MY WHOLE LIFE WAS IN THERE!” I also like the pillow smother (does that even work?). What’s your favorite?

Additionally, we’re still coming to Chicago for a LIVE FROTCAST and SCREENING OF THE RUNNING MAN November 3rd and 4th (Laremy will be there too!). The only difference is, we’re funding it ourselves now, so we worked up a little Kickstarter page, complete with a video starring us – hence the banner image. Yay! Oh, and I’ll have that Mads Brügger interview up on iTunes today, sorry for the lag on that.

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Thanks to Mike the Handsome Hebrew Skyscraper for the flyer.