Frotcast 157: "When you've got an Armie Hammer, everything looks like a nail."

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This week on the Frotcast, both Matt Louv and Matt Lieb join Brendan and I in the Frotquarters and Bret via Skype for a live edition of “Louv it or Lieb it.” Instead of telling you what we talked about, which was sort of all over the place, I thought I’d just throw in a few of my favorite moments:

Bret on online dating: (sarcastically) “I wish everything could be like interviewing for jobs. I just wish there was a site that could make my life just a constant interview, with people that don’t really want me there. Like, an online grocery store. ‘Um, I realize you were going to make some chili, but these pinto beans decided to go with a better buyer.'”

Matt Louv, while watching The Wolf of Wall Street trailer: “It’s Spring Bankers, dude.”

While discussing movies we would watch in “Punch-o-vision,” which would allow you to punch the characters:

Matt Louv: Koyaanisqatsi.Vince: Oh yeah, I would totally punch the Challenger accident.

Bret, on the impending (hopefully) bomb of The Lone Ranger: “You see, the problem is that when you’ve got an Armie Hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Brendan, while playing our new game #Skamovies: “Skaface.”

RE: Bands based on actors, like ArnoCorps, Matt Louv: “I would start a jam band called The Val Chillmers.”

Oh snap, why didn’t I think of “KoyaaniSkatsi?”

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