Frotcast 163: Matt Ufford, Sammy Obeid’s 1000 Days of Comedy

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This week on the Frotcast, we bring in old friend Matt Ufford of SB Nation and the KSK sex and fantasy mailbag to talk mumblecore and answer your relationship questions. After that, we welcome comedian Sammy Obeid, who’s currently on day 950 of his quest to do 1000 consecutive days of comedy. He tells us all about getting punched by a drunk Irishman, doing comedy on the streets of Oakland, and eventual validation from Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent. Oh, and T-MINUS ONE WEEK UNTIL JUGGALO VISION QUEST. WOOP WOOP.

We read your questions, and in the process discover the great Tim Horton’s Pay-It-Forward Streak of 2013. You crazy Canadians.

For three full hours and 228 orders, a generous chain of Tim Hortons customers in Winnipeg picked up the tab for the people behind them.

It started at about 10 a.m. at the drive-through window at Tim Hortons on Beaverhill Blvd. in Winnipeg on Dec. 21. Light snow had been falling all morning, there were four shopping days until Christmas and the temperature was minus-13.5C.

“There was a lot of excitement inside the restaurant. Staff were shouting out numbers like, “It’s up to 147!” said Robichaud.

Eventually, someone who had their four coffees paid for decided to break the chain and pulled away without paying for the three coffees behind him.

“There were more guests in line,” said Robichaud. “Who knows what their motivation was?” [TheStar]

And of course, who could forget the Rhubarb Lady:


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