Frotcast 167: Ben’s Ball, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Weekly Clip Down

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First off, you can still buy the podcast we recorded at The Gathering here for a dollar.

CANCER! This week on the Frotcast, we start off by talking about Ben’s ball removal surgery and how his imbalanced scrotum is ruining the feng shui of our apartment, and whether it’s worth it to be able to call himself a cancer survivor (thanks for the kind emails, Frotters). We ask the big questions, like “To fake ball or to not fake ball?”

TOPICAL STUFF! After that, we talk the Ben Affleck as Batman kerfuffle, the Miley Cyrus hullabaloo, and whether it’s sexist to point out that she seems like she might be mildly retarded.

GUEST! After that, we bring on actor/comedian/writer Jonathan Daniel Brown, who tells us about “interning” for Pauly Shore, attending Corey Feldman’s awesome birthday party, and Carole Mallory, the Robert DeNiro mistress who writes movie reviews now.

THE CLIP DOWN! We end with some of our favorite TV clips this week, including the old school journalism of HBO’s Real Sports, and ad guys on The Pitch who’ve forgotten that the bullshit they’re selling is actually bullshit.

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