Frotcast 179: Workaholics Co-Creator Connor Pritchard, Christian Dating Gurus

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This week on the Frotcast, we’re joined for the second time by Workaholics co-creator Connor Pritchard, who recently wrote The Order of the Magi, and has been promoting it with elaborate scavenger hunts. This week’s theme is “The Idiot Guru,” which was inspired this news story we heard about, where Christian dating guru Justin Lookado was in a bit of hot water for giving some sweet dating advice like “dateable girls know how to shut up” to high schoolers. We go through his “10 Rules of Dateability” for men and women, such as “Men of God are wild, not domesticated.” (Thanks to Cory and Radio School for bringing this to my attention).

There’s also our song of the week, Peter Dante’s N-word meltdown, creepy James Toback, Daniel Day-Lewis’s son the rap star, Wolf of Wall Street subject Jordan Belfort’s motivational speaking tour, and your emails.

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Song of the Week: Daniel Day-Lewis’s son’s rap video.

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