Frotcast 190: Live From Berlin, True Detective, And ’12 O’Clock Boys’

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Obviously, this Frotcast post is damn near a week late at this point. Apologies for that. This week, the boys Skyped me in live from Berlin where I was covering Berlinale (I still have four or five reviews to write). It was almost 4 am when they called, so you get to hear what I sound like when I’m extremely tired and slightly intoxicated (let’s be serious, you’ve already heard the latter, many, many times).

On the plus side, the rest of the gang actually all saw the same movie this week – they get all organized when I’m gone, apparently. So they talk 12 O’Clock Boys, a documentary about motorcycle gangs in Baltimore, and also this week’s episode of True Detective (SHHH, NO SPOILERS!). And, I can only assume, talked lots of mess on yours truly after I was gone. Enjoy.

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Me and Shia LaBeouf.


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