Frotcast 203: Fun With Donald Sterling Tapes, Burnsy, And Torio Van Grol

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“When he had those AIDS!” This week, we have some fun with Donald Sterling talking about Magic Johnson (patiently awaiting the autotune), Burnsy introduces three songs of summer in Burnsy’s Corner: Froggy Fresh’s “Stolen Bikes 2,” Stitches, with “Brick In Yo Face,” and an abomination called “The Plastics.” We talk about hemorrhoids, the most Florida things Burnsy has ever seen, and Ben bloops in from Malaysia. Our guest this week is comedian Torio Van Grol. Enjoy! Write us some reviews!

Here’s this week’s videos:


Froggy Fresh. It’s criminal that this video has less than a million views.

And whatever this thing is.

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