Frotcast 213: ‘Under The Skin,’ Sperm Extractor Fiction

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Comedian Matt Lieb (above left) and Bret the regular join me inside the Frotquarters in San Francisco this week, to discuss the Scarlett Johansson-naked classic ‘Under The Skin‘ and read my futuristic fiction about Chinese automatic sperm extractors.

With Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy‘ opening this week, starring Scarlett Johansson, we decided to catch up on ScarJo’s last star turn, ‘Under the Skin,’ from ‘Sexy Beast’ director Jonathan Glazer. Bret liked it more than the rest of us, but for the most part, we thought the handful of cool images wasn’t enough to make up for a… movie… where… people… do… things… reeeeeal… slooow. I thought the Scarlett-Johansson-preys-on-men plot was a metaphor for the movie as a whole, which asks the question, how much interminably slow action with no apparent payoff will you sit through solely for the promise of seeing more of Scarlett Johansson getting naked? We discuss that for about 20 minutes, trying to decide how to talk about it in such a way that encourages future creativity while still being true to the fact that it was pretty damned painful to sit through.

After that, we get into Brett Ratner talk (what with ‘Hercules’ coming out this week and all), with Matt revealing that ‘Red Dragon’ is one of his favorite movies. So much so that he can quote it at length. At 32 minutes, I begin to read a story I wrote for Ivan Hernandez’s show, Gimme Fiction, which I believe will soon air on the Boing Boing network with mine and all the other comedians’ stories from the same night, the theme for which was “Futurism.” My story is called “Love In The Time Of Extraction,” or “Last Extraction Hero,” and it’s about a futuristic policeman who has a Chinese Automatic Sperm Extractor for a partner.

After that, we talk about Israel for some reason, then discuss Facebook, weddings, and read your email questions on the subject of, naturally, anal sex. Enjoy.

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