Frotcast 214: Macon Blair From ‘Blue Ruin’

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It’s the “Return of the Mack” this week on the Frotcast, as Brendan returns from his wedding-related hiatus to rejoin the Frotcast as a married man. We also bring back comedians Matt Lieb and OJ Patterson and welcome guest Macon Blair from Blue Ruin, who, wouldn’t you know it, is a big FilmDrunk fan. Because people who make movies love FilmDrunk.

We open the show welcoming Brendan back to the Frotquarters. He tells about finally getting to score and we talk about which jams got the people on the dance floor at his wedding, and whether he kept his “Return of the Mack” streak alive, leading to an impromptu sing-along sesh, as often happens on the Frotcast. After that we talk about Stephen A. Smith’s criteria for when it’s okay to hit a woman, and Whoopi Goldberg’s subsequent elaboration on it. A good rule of thumb on this subject for both genders: be nice and don’t hit people.

About 30 minutes in, we bring on Macon Blair, who tells us about his critically-acclaimed star turn in Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin. He tells how he created such a realistic puking effect (spoiler alert, by actually puking) and how he handled the pressure of acting in a film he new his friend had bet his entire life savings on. After that, we talk about Blue Ruin and read your emails. Frot on! Tell your friends! Write us reviews!, 415 275 0030.

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