Frotcast 224: ‘Gone Girl’ And Cool Girls With Jane Harrison, And That Time Bret Thought Ben’s Girlfriend Died


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San Francisco comedian Jane Harrison joins us in the Frot-quarters to talk Gone Girl (my review) as does Ben, and whether it’s the most feminist movie ever made, an MRA’s wet dream, or some strange combination of the two (some takes on this by myself and Lindy West). We also get into “cool girls” and whether they exist, and whether they love whiskey and giving blowjobs. In discussing Gone Girl, and crazy Amy, and how over-the-top the third act is, we remember the time Ben dated a girl who looked a lot like Amazin’ Amy and ended up lying about having inoperable brain cancer. Bret then reveals that before he found out she had been lying, he just didn’t hear about her for a while and just assumed that she died. And never asked Ben about it, which to me says a lot about how guys deal with each other when one is going through a rough patch. The last act twist to Ben’s cancer-faking girlfriend story is that a year after they broke up, Ben actually got cancer himself. I will never get tired of this story. Got any crazy ex and/or crazy date stories of your own? Email ’em to us for next week.

Other things on the Space Docket:
– Dad stories, inspired by the ones collated by Mallory Ortberg, and including a few of our own. I think this one was my favorite:

Buzzfeed’s “women try whiskey for the first time” video.
-Talking whiskey and answering your whiskey questions.
– Ben tells us about his book.

Oh hey! Buy Ben’s book!

Gone Girl talk starts around 35 minutes. Ben’s cancer etc. story starts at 56 minutes. After that, we answer a few of your emails, and receive probably the best voicemail we’ve ever gotten. Great job! Ass pats all around!

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