Frotcast 235: ‘Blackhat’ AKA ‘Thordfish,’ Plus, Matt Lieb Gets A Haircut

Vince Mancini/Getty

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We open this week’s Frotcast discussing Matt Lieb’s new haircut (see above), which makes him a dead ringer for Fun (yes, I know it’s “fun.”, f*ck you) guitarist Jack Antonoff, Lena Dunham’s boyfriend. This naturally leads to Girls infamous butt-eating (analingus) scene, which seems to have been written just for Matt. Who famously eats so much butt he has a bib with a picture of a butt on it. Haha, that’s just us classing up the joint and keeping it high brow like always. (Here’s the gif of that, I’m not sure if it’s SFW enough to embed in the post).

After that, the Space Dockett includes: the politicization of Facebook, Frank, and’s Laremy Legel joins us to talk about Michael Mann’s Blackhat, aka Thordfish (thanks to commenter Erswi for that one). And did I mention Ben is back in the studio??? Enjoy, and Frot on.

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Until next week, Frotfans. Don’t forget to keep it super real.

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