Frotcast 249: ‘Montage Of Heck,’ And The Silicon Valley Roommate Ad From Hell

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This week on the Frotcast, Tom Dean, director of the so-cool-it’s-unGoogleable Web series Incompotent Thieves, joins Matt Lieb and myself in the Frotquarters. We begin discussing the EPIC BEEF between Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins and Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell, the most ’90s beef since the Arch Deluxe.

After that we discuss ’80s-’90s sitcom theme songs and how bizarrely similar they all were. They were all somehow about a perfect family, a family that was an antidote to depression (“don’t waste another minute on your cryin,” “there’s no good reason for gettin all depressed”), bad news on the TV (“it’s a rare condition… to read any good news..”), and a general apocalyptic hellscape they implied existed outside the set — but now there’s a reason to smile! Finally! They’re pretty creepy if you listen to a few in a row. These are the types of revelations you have when you listen to the Growing Pains theme song a couple hundred times in a row.

Then we get into the Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, heroin addicts in general (a subject with which Matt is somewhat familiar), and why Courtney Love is so perfectly hateable. Is Courtney Love everything we accused Yoko of being? Finally, we finish off talking about “The Startup Castle,” and their ad for a roommate who doesn’t wear too much makeup, watch too much TV, drink, smoke, have too many tattoos, listen to songs with explicit lyrics, or drive too much — another perfectly insufferable illustration of everything despicable about the tech industry in Silicon Valley. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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