Frotcast 254: ‘True Detective,’ ‘Ballers,’ And Addressing My Haters (With Burnsy!)

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This week on the Frotcast, Ben and Burnsy join via Skype, with Vince, Bret, and Steve Post in the Frotquarters. We talk about the first episode of season two of True Detective, an HBO show about some police officers who drink a lot and are very sad about the absurdity of existence. Alt titles: “California Pout Force.” “Grumbleteam Jelloshots.” “The Misanthropolice.” My hypothesis: Colin Farrell’s character isn’t a bad dad. His only crime is caring *too* much. He loves his son and wants him to be happy, he’s just bad at showing it.

Then I address all my numerous haters, from Entourage fans to the defenders of Inside Out. Specifically, some dork who said I “approached my review wrong” by pointing out the inherent absurdity of adult intellectuals arguing about kids movies. We further suspect Pixar sends everyone who defends them in internet comment sections a free pie if they reach 100% on RottenTomatoes and I ruined it for everyone. Sorry, guys. We talk about Ballers, Burnsy (DIDN’T YOU GUYS MISS BURNSY?) gives us the latest scoop from Florida, and Steve Post admits that he took a picture of Chris Pratt to the barber to show how he wanted his hair cut. “Make it look like that,” he said, and put his thumb over Chris Pratt’s face. And that’s why he looks like a thumb with Chris Pratt’s hair now. Enjoy.

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