Frotcast 255: Oliver Stone’s Snowden, Aaron Sorkin’s Jobs, HBO, and Deaf People’s Orgasms

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First of all… DON’T FREAK OUT! I opened this week’s show with about a minute of Matt Lieb’s stand up. It’s something I’ve been wanting to experiment with. After that, it’s a regular Frotcast, with Matt Lieb, Bret, and Vince, live in studio.

This week’s topics!

  • What do deaf people sound like when they orgasm? (Don’t ask how we got on this subject.)
  • The ‘rules’ of comedy and thinkpiece culture. (Jokes don’t have rules! They’re supposed to be anomalies by definition!)
  • HBO: Game of Thrones and that BIG TWIST in True Detective.
  • The new Snowden movie and Oliver Stone.
  • Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs and Aaron Sorkin in general. (Quoth Bret: “In the first draft of Aaron Sorkin’s scripts, the female characters are all named ‘MY EX-WIFE.'”)
  • The Startup Castle gets evicted.

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Also, Ben and Laremy’s movie, LIGHT WEIGHT is online now, for the low, low price of $2.99.

And of course, the screaming deer is back. I like to think that a deer gave its life so that we could have such a wonderful sound drop.