Frotcast 63: Matt Ufford talks TV, Murder, & Hurricanes

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This week on the Frotcast, we bring on WarmingGlow’s Matt Ufford, who’s still raising money for this year’s Fight Gone Bad, to support the families of killed and wounded special ops soldiers. We cover a lot of topics including:

  • This guy who Bret, Ben, and I went to college with who arrested this week for murdering his business partner, who’d friended me on Facebook less than two weeks ago. (Inside baseball, I know, but f*cking creepy).
  • Brendan and Matt share their stories of being in NYC for Hurricane Irene (long story short, Whole Foods was a madhouse)
  • A TERRIFYING clip of what happens when two chat bots try to talk to each other (clip below)
  • We talk TV. Matt and I play point-counterpoint over Aubrey Plaza (or more accurately, April on Parks & Rec), Breaking Bad, Jersey Shore, etc.
  • We discuss George Lucas and Star Wars blah blah blah.

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[thanks for the picture, Matt]