Frotcast 64: Burnsy’s Song of the Week, Awkward Laughs in Movies, Contagion

[Download this week’s episode here (right-click, “save as.”)]

I’ll be honest, a couple things didn’t go our way this week on the Frotcast that threw us off our game. I had a sweet Food Network mash-up that I spent a few hours on that ended up being unusable, and Brendan was gone so we couldn’t talk about poop or banana phones.

Nonetheless, we made the best of it. Topics included an update on our old friend the murderer, Burnsy’s song of the week (the video for which you can watch below and is pretty amazing), an update on Asian prison gangs and parents who name their kids the same letter, Toddlers & Tiaras‘ Pretty Woman parody, I saw Contagion, and awkward laughs in movies.

My awkward laugh story was at the end of Pan’s Labyrinth, where (SPOILER) the bad guy gets shot in the face, which for some reason, struck me funny, and led to everyone turning around to stare at the weirdo. Bret’s was in the cafe scene in A History of Violence, where the guy who got shot in the face’s wound made a gratuitous gurgling sound (which I remember also making me giggle).

QUESTION FOR THE LISTENERS: Do you have any good awkward-laughs-in-movie-theaters stories? Email us.

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