Frotcast 66: Frotcast Mailbag, Seth Rogen & Will Reiser, Nair Stories


This week, the whole gang is back! We read your reader emails and sex/relationship questions, so that got pretty weird, as you can imagine. That spurred a look back at some of our Koi calls, and more Nair stories (BRET HAS ONE TOO!). Seriously, who knew there’d be this many guys who’d used Nair somewhere near their private parts and immediately regretted it? I think we’ve really struck a nerve here. Oh, and we recorded from my room this time, so most of the first ten minutes is just Brendan making fun of the crap in my room and reading inscrutable notes from my old comedy notebooks. For instance (from around 10 minutes):

  • Hobos – Hobo-erotic.
  • Pillsbury – credit.
  • For dummies
  • Darts hyphen raccoon vagina date rape
  • Joe AIDs
  • Drooling vegetables/incontinent mongoloids

So that’s an out-of-context peek into my subconscious.

At the end, you can hear my roundtable interview with Seth Rogen and Will Reiser who are promoting 50/50 (opening next Friday), a film which I greatly enjoyed (as you’ll see from my upcoming review, if I ever finish it) based on Will Reiser’s diagnosis with cancer when he was in his late twenties. You know, your basic cancer comedy. The interview starts off with me asking a few fun questions and keeping things light and fun, then quickly deteriorates into the usual press tour crap once the other proles get a chance to open their stupid yaps. Sorry about that. But alas I am but a man, and I cannot control the yaps of proles. Nonetheless, it’s still mildly entertaining, and it’s there if you want to listen to it. Here’s the key quote from that:

“Peoples impression of cancer is based on movies they’ve seen, and every movie that’s about cancer, it’s very sad, it’s very melodramatic, and the person always dies at the end. They have some great moment of clarity and then they die. They make amends with their son who they haven’t talked to in 40 years, and then they die. And that’s not what happened with us.” -Will Reiser

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