Frotcast 74: Rocco & Chanel, porn’s Romeo & Juliet

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The Frotcast has been getting more professional with every week, and it seems we’ve hit our apotheosis with this week’s Frotcast, in which we score an interview with Rocco Reed and Chanel Preston, the stars of Lee Roy Meyer’s adult adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, and real-life couple. Rocco shamed us all by being really funny, but other than that it went well. It was surprisingly fascinating, in fact. We learned all about the types of genital-restriction garments one must wear when filming softcore, simulated sex scenes for Skinemax, discussed the drawbacks of having sex in full Avatar costume, found out why Rocco starred in Butt Licking Anal Whores 15 – 17, but wasn’t asked back for 18; and of course, pitched them our and your suggestions for Shakespeare-themed porn films, such as Boneo and Screwliet, Ass, You Like It, Much Ado About Nutting, Cramlet, Clamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Ream, Julius DP’s Her, The Shaving of the Shrew, Two Gentlemen in Ramona, and much, much more.

Interview starts at 12 minutes. The finer points of Skinemax start at 29 minutes.

We also discussed The Immortals (which Ben saw), Like Crazy (which I saw), Frank Miller, and read more of your Thomas Kinkade stories.

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