Frotcast 78: Burnsy’s Christmas Songs, Award Season Preview

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This week on the Frotcast:

  • Instead of playing a clip from one of my good stand-up shows, like any intelligent person would do, I play you one from a couple days ago where I got halfway into a joke and almost started a fight between Brendan and a heckler. Hey! Rough crowd, rough crowd. Try the Mad Dog, don’t forget to tip your hobo.
  • We bring on Burnsy for a holiday music edition of Burnsy’s corner. Bret has never heard Fred Figglehorn before and almost loses it. His apoplection is palpable. This bit culminates in a horrific karaoke rendition of Nelson’s “I Can’t Live Without Your (Love and Affection).” Seems like forever that it’s been on Burnsy’s mind.
  • We get Laremy Legel of to discuss awards season with us. Topic of discussion: have “awards movies” always been this calculated? Have awards voters always been this easily swayed by hype? We also get an exciting visit from “British Bill Cosby.”
  • We answer your life/relationship questions, which occasionally gets overly personal/cathartic, as you might expect.

We went a little long this week, but only because we were having so much fun! Don’t you want to have fun? The only excuse for not listening this week is that you hate fun!

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